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LEDSignSales.com is your number one source for LED Indoor and Outdoor Scrolling LED Programmable Message Signs and Outdoor LED Displays.
We surpass the competition, not only price, but value and quality as well.

We sell high volumes of Electronic Indoor and Outdoor LED signs and LED displays, in turn we can offer you our customer, quality led signs and led displays at a lower cost than others.

Not only do we have Indoor and Outdoor Scrolling LED Programmable Message Signs and Displays, but we also offer one word LED signs such as, OPEN LED signs and ATM LED signs.

If you own a business, you know it is a must to get peoples attention and draw them into your establishment. With LED signs and LED displays, the bright colors and flashing effects of a LED sign certainly will get attention.

It is a known fact in the sign industry that LED signs and displays can increase business by 15% to 50% and more.
You need to take advantage of this fact to help boost you bottom line.

LEDSignSales.com offers a large selection of outdoor and indoor LED moving message displays, indoor and outdoor LED electronic signs, LED open signs and programmable LED moving message signs.

Most electronic LED signs can be networked and connected to a computer to form an integrated, visual information system.
Digital LED displays are programmed in several ways: locally by infrared wireless remote; connecting the LED electronic sign directly to a PC via serial ports.

LED signs may be programmed from a centralized location using a PC running Windows based LED sign software.

Electronic digital signs are available in multiple configurations including single-line scrolling signs, multi-line message boards, full-matrix moving message signs, large scale full color electronic sign.

Indoor LED scrolling message signs can be used at schools, churches, banks and retail stores. LED signs provide real-time information, increase traffic and promote your business.  Use LED signs to improve production and communication in the workplace.

Take a look around our website, see for yourself the quality and value in our LED signs and displays.

Looking for good deals on Outdoor LED Message Signs, Scrolling LED Signs, Programmable LED Displays, Full Color LED Signs, Full Color Marquees, from single line LED message signs to multiple line LED message signs to LED signs that display graphics and video, we have them all, and we will save you money, period!

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